Ayudame plug-in allows to interact current program execution with Temanejo graphical debugger. The main goal is to display the task-dependency graph, and to allow simple interaction with the runtime system in order to control some aspects of the parallel execution of an application.

Ayudame plug-in is not included by default in Nanos++ runtime package. In Temanejo’s manual (see references at the end of the section) you will find detailed instructions about how to get and install this plug-in.

Before using Ayudame/Temanejo interaction you will need to compile your application with instrumentation support. Compile your application using Mercurium compiler and the --instrument flag:

$ mcc --ompss --instrument my_program.c -o myProgram

At runtime you will need to enable Ayudame plug-in using instrumentation option:

$export NX_INSTRUMENTATION=ayudame

$export NX_ARGS="--instrumentation[ \|=]ayudame ..."

You can find more information about Ayudame/Temanejo in HLRS web site.