Commit dbf4d743 authored by Victor Lopez's avatar Victor Lopez

Partial revert "Fix the upper limit of thread creation"

This partially reverts commit e5343f02.

The fatal condition is too strict and is affecting several
other scenarios.
parent 084101e9
......@@ -1079,12 +1079,6 @@ nanos::PE * smpProcessorFactory ( int id, int uid )
void SMPPlugin::createWorker( ext::SMPProcessor *target, std::map<unsigned int, BaseThread *> &workers )
/* Max threads will be either the max number of PEs
* or the requested --smp-threads in case of oversubscription */
int max_threads = std::max( _requestedWorkers, _availableCPUs );
fatal_cond( workers.size() >= static_cast<unsigned int>(max_threads),
"Thread limit reached at " << max_threads << " threads" );
NANOS_INSTRUMENT( sys.getInstrumentation()->incrementMaxThreads(); )
if ( !target->isActive() ) {
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