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LASs (Linear Algebra routines on OmpSs runtime)
# About
LASs is a open-source software package for solving linear algebra problems using the OmpSs runtime.
# Documentation
Documentation has been generated by Doxygen. This can be found in /doc/refman.pdf
# Contact
Pedro Valero-Lara,
Sandra Catalán,
# Funding
Funding was provided by:
Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness under:
- The project Computación de Altas Prestaciones VII (TIN2015- 65316-P)
- The Juan de la Cierva Grant Agreement No IJCI-2017-33511.
- The Juan de la Cierva Grant Agreement No IJCI-2017-33511
The Departament d’Innovació, Universitats i Empresa de la Generalitat de Catalunya under:
- The project MPEXPAR: Models de Programació i Entorns d’Execució Parallels (2014-SGR-1051)
- Fujitsu
# People
Pedro Valero-Lara
Sandra Catalan
Boro Šofranac
Ivan Martínez
Diego Andrade
Leonel Toledo
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