OmpSs @ BSC

Using OmpSs at Barcelona Supercomputing Center

We keep updated an installation of OmpSs in several BSC's machines.

Linux Modules

Several BSC machines allow to configure OmpSs as a Linux module. Type module available just to list if OmpSs is available through linux module configuration mechanism, and module load <ompss-version> to load them.

$ module available
----------------------- /apps/modules/modulefiles/tools ------------------------

ompss/14.06             ompss/14.07         ompss/14.08
ompss/cuda-async-14.5   ompss/git           ompss/stable(default)

$ module load ompss
load ompss/stable (PATH)



In some machines modules are not available but you can use the script.

$ source /apps/PM/
Usage: source [version]
List of available versions:
   git: OmpSs git repository version (using mcxx 1.99)
   git-1.3: OmpSs git repositori version (using mcxx 1.3)
$ source /apps/PM/ git



You can verify what is the current installed version by executing mcc or nanox commands with the --version option. In both cases you will also get the configuration line which has been used to install the software.

$ mcc --version
mcxx 1.99.4 (git 80d6962 2014-08-06 15:26:51 +0200 distributed version)
Configured with: ./configure --silent --with-cuda=/opt/cuda/5.0/ --disable-fortran-tests
--prefix=/apps/PM/ompss/git --with-nanox=/apps/PM/ompss/git --enable-ompss
$ nanox --version
nanox 0.8a (git master 5fa06d6 2014-08-05 16:20:04 +0200 developer version)
Configured with: ./configure --silent --with-extrae=/gpfs/apps/NVIDIA/CEPBATOOLS/extrae/latest/default/64
--with-hwloc=/apps/HWLOC/1.5.1 --with-cuda=/opt/cuda/5.0/ --enable-gpu-arch --with-opencl=/opt/cuda/5.0
--enable-cluster --with-gasnet=/home/bsc15/bsc15105/gasnet_install
--prefix=/apps/PM/ompss/git --disable-resiliency