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OmpSs tutorial at Colombia

- Written by Xavier Teruel

Asynchronous Hybrid and Heterogeneous Parallel Programming with MPI/OmpSs Course
July 1-5, 2013
OmpSs is an effort to integrate features from the StarSs programming model developed by BSC into a single programming model. In particular, our objective is to extend OpenMP with new directives to support asynchronous parallelism and heterogeneity (devices like GPUs). However, it can also be understood as new directives extending other accelerator based APIs like CUDA or OpenCL. Our OmpSs environment is built on top of our Mercurium compiler and Nanos++ runtime system.
Universidad Industrial de Santander - Campus Principal
Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia
Sala: Sala de conferencias EISI - Facultad de Ingenierías Fisicomecánicas
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