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OmpSs-2 Downloads

In order to have an implementation of OmpSs-2 programming model you must install Nanos6 runtime library and the LLVM/Clang compiler. You can get an OmpSs-2 stable package from the links below in this page (OmpSs-2 stable section). Additionally, you can visit our OmpSs-2 Releases GitHub to get those two projects and more OmpSs-2 related software. Check also our OmpSs-2 Installation Guide.

OmpSs-2 Stable Package Releases

Stable packages are particular versions of Mercurium and Nanos6 source code that provide a stable version of these projects. File names always follow the same scheme: ompss-2-{version}.tar.gz, where version follows the reverse date format including year and month, and optionally patch release ([.p]).