OmpSs Downloads

In order to have an implementation of OmpSs programming model you must install Nanos++ runtime library and Mercurium compiler. You can get an OmpSs stable package from the links below in this page (OmpSs stable section) or you can also get a more recent snapshot in the following section. Check here to have a guide to install Nanos++ and here to Mercurium installation quick guide. You can also use a binary package (following section) which includes both components: runtime and compiler.

OmpSs Stable Package Releases

Stable package are particular versions of Mercurium and Nanos++ source code that provide a stable version of these projects. File names always follow the same scheme: ompss-{version}.tar.gz, where version follows the reverse date format including only year and month ( Older downloads are found here.

OmpSs Snapshot Releases

Snapshots are punctual views of Mercurium and Nanos++ source code (i.e. alpha versions). They are automatically generated and file names always follow the same scheme: {package}-{version}-{yyyy-mm-dd}.tar.gz. Where the package name is mcxx for Mercurium compiler and nanox for Nanos++ runtime library. Version is the identifier of the related alpha release and it is followed by the reverse date format (yyyy-mm-dd). Older downloads are here.

Nanos++ RTL Snapshots Mercurium Compiler Snapshots

OmpSs Ad-hoc Releases

Ad-hoc releases are punctual views of Mercurium and/or Nanos++ source code (i.e. alpha versions) which contains an on-going development version of the corresponding component. They are manually generated but file names always follow the same scheme: {package}-{tag}-{version}-{yyyy-mm-dd}.tar.gz. The package name is mcxx for the Mercurium compiler and nanox for the Nanos++ RTL. The tag field indentifies the ad-hoc release and it may be related with a new feature on development, a refactor in any of the specific software components or just a special distribution of the component. The version is the alpha version identifier on which is based the specific release and finally, it is followed by the reverse date format (yyyy-mm-dd).

resiliency A resiliency version of the runtime allowing to reexecute tasks which have failed in its execution
mem_reliability Provides CRC-based error detection and correction mechanism for memory errors. It accelerates code calculation via Intel x86 CRC instruction
selective_replication Implementation of selective replication Markov model and Target_Rep heuristic in Nanos runtime.