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LASs (Linear Algebra routines on OmpSs) is a novel open-source library for linear algebra operations developed at BSC. It includes BLAS-3, LAPACK and other (sparse and iterative) linear algebra kernels widely used by the scientific community. LASs makes use of the features provided by OmpSs-2 runtime in order to parallelize linear algebra kernels aiming to attain high performance especially on HPC systems.

The current version of LASs includes the following linear algebra routines:

  • BLAS 3: dgemm, dsymm, dsyrk, dsyr2k, dtrmm, and dtrsm.
  • LAPACK: dnpgetrf (no-pivoting LU), dnpgetrs, dtpgetrf (tiled-pivoting LU), dtpgetrf, dpotrf (Cholesky factorization), and dpotrs.


The current version of LASs can be downloaded here.


Funding was provided by:

  • Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness under:
    • The project Computación de Altas Prestaciones VII (TIN2015- 65316-P).
    • The Juan de la Cierva Grant Agreement No IJCI-2017-33511.
  • The Departament d’Innovació, Universitats i Empresa de la Generalitat de Catalunya under:
    • The project MPEXPAR: Models de Programació i Entorns d’Execució Parallels (2014-SGR-1051).
  • Fujitsu.


  • Pedro Valero-Lara
  • Sandra Catalan
  • Boro Šofranac
  • Ivan Martínez
  • Diego Andrade
  • Leonel Toledo
  • Xavi Martorell
  • Jesús Labarta